Statistical Analysis Tools add-on For Google Sheets

All in one add-on package to perform Statistical Analysis right inside your sheets

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Core Features

ANOVA Analysis

Performing Analysis Of Variance on your dataset including Single-Factor and Two-Factor ANOVA analysis

Descriptive Statistics

Get the main Statistics of your dataset including the mean, the variance, the standard deviation and many other metrics


Easly extract a sample from your dataset either randomly or periodicly


Get the Correlation matrix between the different features of your dataset


Get the Covariance matrix between the different features of your dataset

Hypothesis tests

Perform different hypothesis testing on your dataset including z-test, t-test and f-test

Easy to use

An easy and self explanatory user interface inside your Google sheets.

Easily select the ranges and configure the parameters.


Dynamic results

If you change a value in your dataset, the result will change accordingly. No need to repeat the whole process

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